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Dog collars with custom embroidery. Embroidery is permanently stitched through the collar for strength and long-lasting identification. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR DOGS NECK FOR SIZE AND ADD 2 INCHES in order to choose the right collar size for you pup! X-small, Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large. X SMALL = (7"-10" neck length) (3/8" collar width) XSmall and Small Breeds(chihuahua, toy poodle, yorkie and similar breeds) SMALL = (10"-14" neck length) (5/8" collar width) Small and Medium Breeds(shih-tzu, min pin, pug and similar breeds) MEDIUM = (14"-20" neck length) (3/4" collar width) Medium and Large Breeds(border collie, beagle and similar breeds) LARGE = (18"-26" neck length) (1" collar width) Large and Giant Breeds(shepherd, labrador and similar breeds) X LARGE = (18"-30" neck length) (1.5" collar width)Giant Breeds(rottweiler, great dane, akita and similiar breeds) XLARGE IS AVAILABLE IN BLUE, BLACK, PINK AND RED COLLAR COLORS... HOT PINK AND PURPLE ARE NOT AVAILABLE. REGULAR PINK XLARGE IS AVAILABLE IF YOU CHOOSE HOT PINK IT WILL BE SUBSTITUTED WITH REGULAR PINK.


PriceFrom $10.00
  • Letters will be placed on the collar at our discretion unless exact neck size is specific. Please measure your pup's neck and write your pups neck size in the field labeled "PUPS EXACT NECK SIZE". Text placement will be completed to the nearest 1" tolerance. Without specific instruction of the placement of the lettering, we do not accept responsibility for any text covered after adjustment. 

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